Every year, we take a Sunday to display the love of Christ physically, tangibly to the people of our city. We want them to know that Christ truly loves them
 and that God passionately desires a relationship with them. On this day (November 3) we get the chance to show the people in our city how true that really is.

We will meet at 9am at Lifepoint for a short time as a large group and then be sent out in serve groups all across the city.

You can view and sign up for one of the ministry opportunities below!


We have a list of several different places to serve all across Morgan County.
Feel free to browse this list to find which location works best for you and your family.
Once you have chosen your location,  click the button below to register!

The Circle Ranch

Leader: Jonathan Clifton

Alabama Baptist Children's Home

Leader: Jon Aldridge

Clothe Our Kids

Leader: Kari Newton

Boys and Girls Club

Leaders: Jeff & Angela McMinemon

Neighborhood Christian Center

Leader: Dale Carter

Banks Caddell Elementary School

Leader: Cathy Strom

Summerford Nursing Home

Leader: Jeremy Simpson

Decatur Youth Services

Leader: Josh Piper

Crestline Elementary School

Leader: TBD

Lifepoint Church Outdoor Cleanup

Leader: Luther Wakefield

Lifepoint Church Indoor Cleanup

Leader: TBD

Hands Across Decatur

Leader: Jared Miner


Leader: Matt & Cindy Holmes

Local Family

Leader: Zeke Terry