Community Groups are designed to provide every person a place to belong, a group of people who will encourage you in your faith and life in Jesus. Most of us are looking for this kind of real community, a family who will accept us as we are. These groups are vital to the life of our church.

God created us to be in relationship with Himself, but He also created us to be in community with others as well. Life was not intended as something to be done in isolation. We were made to need one another, love one another, and care for one another. We were designed for community.

We believe that one of the best ways we can live out that type of fellowship and create a sense of true biblical community is through our groups. We also believe that the best way for us to pastor, shepherd, and disciple you is through these groups. One of the greatest ways that you can grow, help other people grow, and reach those in our community is by being deeply involved in each other’s lives. For more information or to inquire about joining a group, click  below to contact Chase Chenault, our Community Groups Pastor.


Almost everyone craves a place to belong, a group of friends who will accept them in spite of their weaknesses and failures. No one is perfect, not even group leaders. Leading a group is less about your abilities and knowledge, and more about your willingness to be open and used by God to help others find a community of people to encourage them in their journey.

We will help train and support you along the way. Leading a Community Group not only allows you to help others become a better disciple, but also helps become a better follower of Jesus as well. Simply complete the leader registration form and our Community Groups Pastor will contact you about setting up your group.