You are never more like Christ than when you are serving someone else. One of the clearest pieces of visible evidence of someone’s salvation is their willingness to serve someone else like Christ served them. It shows true transformation.

Every believer is gifted with spiritual gifts and natural abilities. Paul [Romans 12 & I Corinthians 12] says that we are to use them to the best of our ability to serve God and His church. We are each to play our part and our role, not desiring someone else’s gift, and not slacking up on the use of our gift. Our gifts are not for ourselves; they are to be used diligently, consistently, and with great effort to serve others – to strengthen the church and to reach people far from God.
This is a big vision that God has given us. It takes everyone person, every part, working together – using their gifts, honing their craft, sharpening their skills to see it come to life. And when the body works together, and each person plays their part, something amazing happens. We are all moving in the same direction – toward the same goal. And along the way, community happens, relationships get formed, and family is created. It’s a huge extra [intended] benefit of serving [together]. We learn to rely on one another, trust one another, go through the trenches with one another, and celebrate victories with one another [together].

We consider ourselves a team. It’s why we talk about those who serve on different ministry teams as “teamlp”. Those who serve and vital to the team’s overall success in pointing people to life in Christ and making disciples.

At Lifepoint, we don’t want you to serve because we want something from you. We hope that you’ll take your next step and serve, because we want something for you. So, come on and join teamlp.

If you are interested in joining TeamLP, click the button below to register online or text the word "SERVE" to (256) 667-5747.